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Music Within

The notes don’t come as easily as they once did And yet, in some ways, they are easier Maybe her fingers are more nimble from the hours of Hand-holding Bread-kneading Math-problem-solving…? Hours at her disposal are no longer available For practice And yet, When she sits to play, as she once did Several lifetimes ago … Continue reading



Struggling Grasping Groping Shifting Existing Wanting Needing Waiting and waiting and waiting (being acted upon) And finally Letting go. Sailing Soaring Moving Building Growing Learning Loving Living Free to act Free to choose Free to be Sans fear, sans reservation, sans anxiety Simply free. –Karin Salisbury Continue reading


After All

Street lamps burn white holes into The darkest of night’s skies. People still walk Along the paved grey concrete stripes Past shops that closed hours (or days) ago Past squares of green and colors Past homeless artists up past their bedtimes They are singing songs that were popular decades ago…. Young couples share their first … Continue reading


One Step

I’ve long loved a hymn titled, “Lead, Kindly Light” for its poetry and imagery as well as its haunting melody and harmony lines. One line in particular has been my companion for the last few days–the line that says simply, “one step enough for me.” photo credit As I wake in the morning, sometimes the … Continue reading