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Happy Friday!

I have been waiting for the weekend since, well, since Monday. Maybe since before Monday. I think a little dancing, photo credit reading, photo credit and baking might be in order. (Yes, I made that bread…last week…and I’m ready to make more.) :) What are your plans to celebrate? photo credit Continue reading


Pre-writing Activities

Before you write (or do anything creative), do you have a go-to activity to invite your muse? My pre-writing activities vary, but here are a few that work for me: 1. Sleep. Sleep may sound counter productive to creating, but it clears my brain of prior activities, and those vague moments when my brain begins to wake … Continue reading


The Glory of Music

Over break, I needed to connect. I needed to connect with my children, with my husband, with family, with friends, and with my past. I introduced my children to the charming, music-filled drama, Beaches, which was my go-to movie when I needed a good cry at age thirteen (and it still works even though I’m now … Continue reading


Broken Things

Originally posted on sarahmcbeefisher:
My mother-in-law, Mercy, cherishes beautiful things.  As newlyweds, her husband, Jack, was stationed in Germany with the United States Army.  Adventurous and free, she loved taking the train all over Europe, exploring and gradually and carefully selecting beautiful things:  Hand-crafted clocks, hardwood furniture, and artisan vases.  Although the most precious thing she eventually…