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Once June hits around here, we have a birthday/anniversary/special occasion at least monthly for several months, which is pretty cool. :) My birthday is coming up next month, and I have been thinking about the emotional growth spurt that I experienced recently. One┬ámorning this week, before I got out of bed, I had a phrase … Continue reading


Monday Music

Just trying to catch up on a few items (I’ve even been doing my dishes…), and the blog is one space I have been neglecting. After some challenging weeks, and weeks, and more weeks, I am feeling the generous peace that I crave and enjoying some (much needed) sleep and a few quiet hours. (Bouncing … Continue reading


Happy Friday!

I have been waiting for the weekend since, well, since Monday. Maybe since before Monday. I think a little dancing, photo credit reading, photo credit and baking might be in order. (Yes, I made that bread…last week…and I’m ready to make more.) :) What are your plans to celebrate? photo credit Continue reading