New Music…Wednesday?

Well, I shared my Sunday night dream in yesterday’s post, so I’m busting into Wednesday with a new music post for the week….

The song this week on iTunes for FREE is called “San Francisco” by a band called The Mowgli’s. It sounds a little (heavier) 60’s with lots of guitar. Haven’t downloaded it yet, but if your from Sanfran, you might like it enough to go with it. Just my take….

And while we are talking about popular music…PSY (pronounced “sigh”) is rocking almost all the US charts with “Gangnam Style.” Little ones and seniors alike are flooding dance floors to pony dance, and teenagers are dressing up like PSY for Halloween.

If you haven’t heard it, you can SPOTIFY or search it on YouTube…and since it’s Halloween, a little mash-up action in with “Ghostbusters & Gangnam Style” shared with me by a dear friend (thanks, Jessica!) just might be in order….

(I happen to prefer listening over watching, as I find the video a little on the offensive side…just FYI.)


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