Flavors, Scents and Sounds – III

Ever hear a song or a sound and just simply the act of hearing it brings you to another place or time or experience?

I knew a woman once that was injured in a snow plow accident.  She couldn’t drive after that, being bothered by the sound of a motor–and even when she walked places or took a form of public transportation, she would go into some sort of shock or fear mode when she would hear the sound of the plow coming across the road.  She had been traumatized by the experience.

I have not had a traumatic experience with sound, thankfully; most of my sound flashbacks make their connections through music.  Music especially has the power to bring me back to a place or time or feeling.  When I listen to almost anything by the Cure, I am back in high school or early college, wondering who I am and wishing all my troubles would go away somehow.  When I hear happy, funky dance music–especially from the 80’s-90’s, I am back in elementary, middle, or high school, dancing with my friends in my room or back yard or at other dances.  Sometimes I can even see their faces or expressions as we all danced together.  I miss those moments.

I also make a playlist of love songs for my husband each year on our anniversary (which is coming up soon…someone keep reminding me…I have a playlist to finish).  I love listening to it throughout my days–sometimes while I’m cooking dinner for our family or getting ready for a night out with him.  Love songs remind me why I’m married and that all the work really is worth it in the end.

One night recently, I must have dreamed about a song because I couldn’t get it out of my head through the night and into this morning.  When I put it on during my morning run, it had a new power (makes me wish I could remember my dream), and I felt stronger while running to it.  I was grateful for that moment.

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What sounds or music bring you to remember moments of happiness, sadness, joy, or love?  I wonder if we would feel happier and more productive if we surrounded ourselves with music which reminded us of happy moments or even produced new happy moments which will be the memories we draw upon in our future moments (especially when we will need strength).

One of my happiest song moments right now, which I hope to remember in the future, is seeing all my children crowded around the kitchen dancing with vigor to tunes such as “Gangnam Style,” “Ghostbusters,” and “Call Me Maybe.”  Seeing them move their bodies with the freedom and confidence of children is a scene I hope to long remember.  Even after a song may lose its popularity or place on a chart, it will continue to bring those memories back to me and help me feel connected to my children as they grow and learn.



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