ON MEDIA…please comment!

When you walk into our home, sometimes you might be greeted with the sound of dialogue accompanying moving pictures on a large, flat screen to a score…sometimes you might hear music echoing from a speaker…sometimes you might hear a computer (or two) with game music on continuous play…and sometimes you might hear the latest cooking video from Cakes By ChoppA or Rosanna Pansino playing on YouTube for my little people.

Other days, when you walk into my home, you might hear a child practicing on the piano a theme to Harry Potter or James Bond…sometimes you might hear a child reading aloud from her latest book…sometimes you might hear dishes clinking as they move from a sink into a dishwasher, a broom moving across the kitchen tile, or the simmering of sauce on the stove.

Some days you might even find us in the kitchen, having an impromptu dance party.

What I’ve been thinking about lately, though, is the media-saturated society (and even media-dependant society) in which we live.  I am guilty myself of allowing this guest, in its multitudinous forms, often into my home.  My wonderings have led me to consider (though I cannot know the future) what this bombardment and obsession with media will bring about in our lives, in future generations’ lives, and in society as a whole.

While I find myself abundantly grateful for my phone allowing me to Google information for my child’s homework question at the swipe of a finger or send a friendly text message across miles in mere seconds, I continue to find my dependence on it (and my children’s, as well) somewhat exasperating.

I’m guessing the answer to my dilemma comes through my all-encompassing quest for BALANCE. And, I’m glad to know that many of you (including Jasmine–since we talked about the topic last week) are right there with me!

So, my question, which I would love to turn into a discussion (because I am really interested in your thoughts) here is this:

What do you think the effects of the current media accessibility and even dependence in society will have one, two, and three generations from now? Please share your thoughts!

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15 thoughts on “ON MEDIA…please comment!”

  1. I think there are more positives to negatives – we view the pros and cons because we have seen the before and after. A few generations from now, encyclopedia will be a word used in the same sentence as dinosaurs!

    1. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts! I’m trying to embrace it…sometimes I feel like media hinders communication…but, it also furthers it. Thank you!

  2. Have you ever read “Feed” by MT Anderson? In this book (a YA) Tobin captures the answer to your question in a frightening way. (This is the genre I write in so I read more Young Adult than your average grown up:). The feed (and this was written before the News Feed was a thing on FB) runs through everyone’s brains all the times with corporations plopping in tailored commercials depending on each individual’s thoughts. I can see us moving in that direction. As you point out, balance is key. Pulling the technology and getting outside at times. But, hey K, what I’d really love to see is a podcast of that kitchen dancing y’all are doing over there. Now, that sounds like fun! Love the conversation.

  3. Media accessibility is huge, and though we don’t have 100% control of it, we definitely have some control. I stopped my cable TV service 5 or 6 years ago, and I think my life is better without it. We can watch most stuff on the computer, but we have to actually look it up, rather than just channel surfing, which cuts down on a lot of non-interactive screen time. However, there are so many positives to technology, like information at our fingertips. Even 15 years ago, we would have had to go to the library to look up a lot of info that we can now get on Google in 30 seconds. Like you said above, there are positives and negatives.

    1. We also got rid of telvision (we have a TV, but use it only for movies or sometimes streaming). I agree that our life is better without it. 🙂
      I do appreciate all the blessings of technology…like communicating with family and friends across the country and world. I guess what I hope to leave with my children (and remind myself) is the importance of face-to-face communication along with the fact that building relationships is a more effective use of time than staring mindlessly at a screen. Thanks for your comment and for stopping by Middle of My Story. I look forward to checking out your blog! 🙂

  4. technology is great when it works and as for the media – I find I have to take breaks – especially on days like today where an angry parent killed 27 people at a elementary school in Newton CT! SO DEPRESSING! Making a difference is the best part of the Nightly News with Brian Williams!

    1. I enjoy taking breaks, too. Sometimes knowing the sadness in the world is overwhelming…but it can also bring about compassion. Thanks for the tip about the news.

  5. I completely agree, how will this effect the future? I thought of the movie Wall E. It could get there. My big one is keep reading. Keep being social, face to face. You and I know someone who does her own “media fast” about every 6 months. As with many goals, having a “check in” time is important, analyze and make changes if necessary. And yes, I’m so grateful to cross many miles with texts, emails, blogs and skype.

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