I should be chopping zucchini…

Well, “should” I?  Or “should” I be here in my chair with my eager fingers tapping symbols made of black plastic staring at a glowing light?  (I wish I could be staring at another glowing light…one that is very bright and firey and hot…but, alas.  I am not.  Cloud Cover, you are not my friend today….)

Oh, well.

I often seem to want to buy zucchini (which, by the way, I happen to LOVE).  I add more than I’m supposed to when I make stir fry, eat all of it off my husband’s plate when he orders mixed vegetables with his meal on our date nights, and double the amount I put in my minestrone soup recipe.

Speaking of minestrone, we are having some for dinner.  Want to come visit us?  I could use the distraction of your conversation, and your smile, and the doting you would do over my soup.

(It is a really good recipe.)

But my kiddos still have coughs, so you might not want to come visit after all.

We will miss your company.

And, besides, I need to say goodbye now, anyway.  I need to get chopping on that zucchini.



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