Being Conscious

As I sit here tapping away on my keyboard to “Radio” by Hot Chelle Rae (how cute is that song?) and sipping on my protein shake following a decent workout, I’m pondering a thought from Honest Rachael, who posted to the world about spreading a little more love throughout the entire month of February.  I loved her insightful blog post and commented that I would join her in spreading a little more love throughout the month.  The thought I had this morning, though, is that in order to spread love or give of ourselves or do anything somewhat extraordinary (which happens daily for some people) is to BE CONSCIOUS.

If I just go along my merry way, letting life take me where it will, then I will most likely be tossed to and fro (physically as well as emotionally) without truly regarding my own personal power to do something.  I can do my little workout each morning, spend time in personal devotion, write a blog, do dishes & laundry, cook, clean, and do whatever else I do in a given day with little motivation or notice of the days and weeks and months and years that pass…or I can be conscious of my life and my time and live deliberately–making goals and feeling accomplishment and power and influence.

I have been touched by those who live to conquer fear and reach their goals–no matter how lofty and far-reaching.  One of these people is Evan Sanders, who recently completed a book and writes a blog about becoming a better man.  I admire his courage and leaps of faith as he has struggled through adversities with amazing positivity and the vision of what he wants to do and who he will become.  Way to go, Evan!  Just reading a post from him gives me a push to keep going and want to be better.  🙂

Well, my protein shake is almost done, and I need to hit the shower…but I will leave you with this question, a thought, and a few Happy Monday tunes.  First the question:  How can you be more conscious of your decisions and the way you spend your time?

Here’s the thought:  You have personal power and the love you show may be someone else’s inspiration…so get to work!!!!

And, of course, the music: 🙂

And, as always, HUGS!

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5 thoughts on “Being Conscious”

    1. Agreed! Thanks for your feedback! What works for you in order to stay focused? I’d love some ideas…! For me, just making the decision to live consciously helps (though I do wax and wane at productivity levels). 🙂

  1. Much as this is not an exciting answer, routine/habit and having goals with deadlines helps me stay focused. I have to get into the habit of doing what’s good for me (like writing every day, even when I don’t want to, and not getting discouraged when I hit road blocks).

    You’re right about making the decision to live consciously; that definitely helps. I’ve been trying to do that with eating healthy, just consciously choosing healthier foods every day. 🙂

    1. Way to go! I think I would like to eat healthier, too (if I could bring myself to give up Skittles)…and I have been more committed to exercising this week, which has also helped my outlook.

  2. Wow, thanks for the mention! I’m glad you enjoyed my post and it inspired further thought too – being conscious is definitely important to me and I agree with Christi that the hard part is staying focused. I use various techniques to help me with this but I still lose my way often! I find the most useful thing is taking a step back from everything sometimes, to re-evaluate where I’m at and whether it’s aligned with who I am and what I want next… I don’t know whether that’s helpful for you or not! Different things work for different people and when I’m coaching it’s interesting the different ways people approach being conscious/keeping focus… What has worked for you before..?

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