No, I won’t be afraid

So, I put my lovely iPod on Shuffle yesterday, skipped through several songs in hopes of feeling some sort of motivation, and heard the warm voice of Ben E. King and the lovely percussion of a song so familiar to many of us.

When he sang the words, “No, I won’t be afraid,” I knew I had some work to do.

His inspiring words drifted back into my mind at around 2:30 this morning as I lay in bed between a kiddo and a husband, searching for the solace of sleep.

Why do I fear, anyway? What do I fear? Sometimes I make a mental list…but even with that mental list, my mind discounts many of them. But they seem so real sometimes…almost tangible.

So, what do you fear? And does it paralyze you? Or can you let go of the fear and use newfound energy to propel you to action? I am working on the latter…and I know I need to get back to my book. At 2:30 this morning, editing sounded like a good idea…but when daylight returns, so does the fear, apparently.

Like I said, I’ve got some work to do. The yoga I did this morning helped clear my head a little, thankfully.

Maybe I will pick up my book again. What can I possibly be afraid of, with the calmness of Ben E. King’s voice over my computer speakers, and all of you standing (figuratively, of course) by me?


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7 thoughts on “No, I won’t be afraid”

  1. Fear is such an elusive — yet pervasive — thing, isn’t it? I see so much of my own life riddled with the limitations I imposed upon myself and my own potential; I see the womanchild that was bursting forth at the seams to climb out and accomplish everything… Still napping somewhere beneath layers and layers of irrational insecurities, pain, doubt, and grief.

    I say we open the blinds, turn up the music that speaks to us as you so beautifully have, and finally allow our joy some room to dance and make noise.

    Great post.

    1. Thank you for your poetic comment and encouragment! 🙂 Loved your most recent post, too–the last photo about being awesome spoke to me today. Hugs!!!!!

  2. I love that song!

    Sometimes when we focus on our fears, they seem to expand — and then they contract a bit when we do mind-clearing things like yoga. Sounds like you’re on the right track!

  3. I know it’s a cliche but every time I am fearful I try to remind myself that fear is the scariest thing out there (for me), as allowing it in allows me to limit myself. I find Yoga helps too! Yoga, meditation, exercise – anything that ‘clears a space’ – if that makes sense to you? For me, that’s when things can shift. I still have fears – but when I’m in a good place I try harder (than I used to) to talk myself out of them! It sounds like you’re doing brilliantly, from what I see of you in your words.

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