It’s not easy being thin…

Try singing those words in your best Kermit-the-Frog-It’s-Not-Easy-Being-Green-voice, if you please.

In case you forgot the tune, here’s Kermit the Frog singing it in all his green felt glory:

I was thinking of this post several days ago after a conversation of a few women I passed in a corridor.  One, remarking about a woman she once knew, said–as best I could hear–something like, “And of course, she’s like a size 2…” and, a little lower in voice, “…one of those women we all hate.”

Maybe she said dislike.

I don’t know, really.  And I know she wasn’t talking about me.  (At least I hope she wasn’t…but I’m sure part of me wonders.)  I am not a size 2.  I’m not sure that I could be if I tried.  But, I am thin.  And, (because of my height and hair length/style), I probably appear thinner than I am.

Here is my question, though.  WHO CARES?????

Who cares what size dress you wear, what your hair looks like, what size your foot is?  Really?  Isn’t that part of growing older and wiser…to be able to look past the surface to see people as they really are?

Then someone very dear to me wrote something recently that she once thought that people who were thin had high self-esteem.

Guess I missed that gift.  Thin body–check.  Tall body–check.  Self-esteem–maybe one day?  (I am working on that facet of existence….)

I’m not writing this as a rant (okay, maybe just a bit…), but I do want for us to pause for a moment to THINK about our perceptions of others.

At my daughter’s school kindergarten end-of-year party several years ago, a female student came up to me (kindergarten, okay?) and said to my daughter, “Wow.  Your mom’s really thin.”

She shared her words with contempt in her voice…a similar tone to what I heard in the corridor among those few “grown-up” women recently.


We all make judgements of people when we see them.  And sometimes we share them with others.  But can we PLEASE STOP JUDGING PEOPLE based on exterior value judgements such as size, shape, hair color, sexual orientation, style preference, number of children (or lack thereof) and just remember that we are all individuals (thank heavens) in this life trying to enjoy another day on earth?


Every person I have ever encountered on this earth has something to offer…no matter what he or she looked like on the surface.  I find that when I allow myself to become overwhelmed with appearances (my own or someone else’s) that I miss opportunities to learn and grow and love.  I’m sure we all need this reminder from time to time, but I’d like to take a moment to send a shout-out to women, who I think may struggle with self-deprecating thoughts a little more often than men do (but I’m open to others’ insight on this subject).

Every woman is beautiful, and I encourage you to take an opportunity to remind a woman in your life today that she is amazing.  See what she does.  Tell her she is beautiful.  Tell her she is important.  Tell her she is valued.  Eventually, no matter what her external features are, she will believe you over the condescending voices around her and within her.  And have her sing the chorus to this song…over and over and over…until the message sinks deep into her soul.

And here is another one, just for smiles. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “It’s not easy being thin…”

  1. Wow! Well said and shame on us for just looking on the outside. It’s a really good reminder that people are made up of a lot more than what you can see. Even if they are acting a certain way or looking a certain way that is different to us, maybe they are having a really bad day and need more from us than our side way looks!

    1. I totally agree…and found myself even yesterday looking outwardly and beginning to pass judgement on a stranger, who then held the door open for me as I entered the library. The kindess interrupted my judging, and I was so grateful for the moment of realization. It’s something I’m still working on, obviously, myself. 🙂 Thanks for your feedback!

    1. I had some one in my life not too long ago who had thyroid issues and couldn’t fit in a size 2. She was miserable…lost all kinds of weight. Sometimes losing weight can feel like a curse instead of a blessing. 🙂 How’s your music going? Potty training?

      1. Well potty training we had to pull back or ambitions so he just comes with me right now… He does sit on the potty a bit so that’s good.
        I had to loose my expectations and see what HE needed. I am an ambitious mommy I forget sometimes I’m not in charge of Ollie HA!
        OH my weight is KILLING me. I eat REALLY healthy so it HAS to be my portions. So I have a bowl coming!!!
        Sometimes I wish I were a dog. Eat once a day someone else pour my bowl then take the food away to a place I can’t get to… 😦
        Music is going VERY WELL I am finishing up composing each song and next is to add accompaniment! Thanks for asking!!!
        How are you doing?

      2. I’m doing well…starting to exercise again and spending some time editing my novel. 🙂 Looking forward to summer!!!!! Sending hugs!

  2. I really hate-and I mean hate-this attitude at hatred towards this women! I am not thin, I would like to lose a ffew pounds which is hard because I’m really short and a few pounds really shows, and after 5 kids my metabolism isn’t so great. By how awful to treat someone else poorly because one isn’t happy with herself. Its a very common but shallow preoccupation in our society.

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