Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?

I was moved by this project and hope that you will glean something from this brief video.

For the shorter, more concise video, watch this one:

How do you see yourself? I promise that you are more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

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5 thoughts on “Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?”

  1. I just watched this video for the first time earlier today and I was so moved. How surprising for each of these women to see the two sketches? It really puts into perspective just how we describe ourselves. I found it interesting that one of the women confessed to feeling more beautiful than she described. If that were the case, I would be interested to learn why she downplayed her image of herself. Was it out of modesty or was it a matter of trying not to seem too proud? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Jessica! Always a pleasure to hear from you! I have some days that I feel more beautiful than others…but I wonder why?!?!?! I’ve often wished I could see in myself the person others see in me (without all the negativity). Maybe some day I will see clearly. 🙂

  2. It’s said that we are our own worst enemy. I forget that others feel the same way about themsleves, that I often do of myself. And I am surprised every time I learn this! I think, “why would they think that?”. Maybe others feel the same about me.
    This was a very insightful video – one that everyone should watch. We are all more beautiful than we think. We just need to learn to see it. That is the hard part.

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