I like oranges. They are orange. They are round. They are yummy!!!!

I like apples. Apples come in varying colors—from all spectrums of reds and yellows and pinks to even green.

Both apples and oranges are fruits. I enjoy eating both of them. Both have health benefits. Both grow on trees. Both need sunlight, water, earth, and nutrients to grow. Both even make yummy juice.

Apples also make good pies. Apples are amazing when they are baked with a little cinnamon and sugar. Apples are also good raw, sliced over salads, and in apple crisp.

I don’t know if oranges make good pies. I’ve never baked with one. They are delicious sliced, peeled, in fruit salads. You can zest them.

You don’t really zest apples. You can peel them or not…two choices.

Just because I don’t bake with oranges or because I don’t zest apples doesn’t mean that I am discriminating against one or the other. They are different. But I love each one for their differences and for their similarities. I love to eat them in varied ways. And I am grateful for them, along with all fruits.

Fruit is good. Each type of fruit has value. Each one is amazing in its own right. To say that one fruit meets all needs is small-minded and unreasonable. Each one is a fruit, but all fruit is not equal.

Like comparing apples to oranges.

Just sayin’.

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