Paper Clips & Post-it Notes

In the days of notes on our phones and tablets, I wonder if we are seeing another end of an era with the bygone days of paper clips and post-it notes.  Do you use such once-useful tools anymore?  Are paperclips used for more than fashion statements?  Will generations hence find them on with scanned-in photos like the once triumphant typewriter?

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Sure, I keep notes on my phone.  In fact, my child (with ulterior motives) questioned as I was making a list on my phone the other day why I didn’t write the list on a post-it note.

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I replied that using my phone was just easier.

So it is.

And, for you?

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2 thoughts on “Paper Clips & Post-it Notes”

  1. I use both paper clips and post-it notes all the time at work. Not so much anywhere else, but even in an increasingly digital age, we still need hard copies and originals of a lot of things. But I do use my phone for most everything else (shopping lists, etc).

    1. My kiddos use them at school, too. 🙂 And, I used them after I wrote this to try to record appointment dates I couldn’t input on my phone while talking on it…so I guess they do have uses still! Glad to hear that paper clips and post-it notes live!

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