The Inventive Blogger Award

Well, a beautiful friend over at Totally Inspired Mind, Paulette Le Pore Motzko, has honored me with The Inventive Blogger Award. Here I go with fifteen random things about me, along with sharing the award with fifteen bloggers I admire:

Fifteen Random Thoughts About Moi:
1. Before I graduated from high school, I had experience in multiple choirs and orchestra (playing both violin and upright bass), and could play a few hymns and other pieces on the piano.
2. I love reading stories to children and inflecting my voice or making up accents while reading.
3. I find myself singing when I am happy, and I usually surprise myself when it happens.
4. I wrote lots of letters to friends across the country and the world when I was in junior high and high school. Like over 100 friends at one point. And I still have some of the letters I received.
5. I gave birth to twins several years ago (they were not my first children) and still found the courage & faith (thankfully) to have another child after they were born.
6. As a child, I used to pretend with my brother that, if we closed our eyes tightly, we would disappear. As an adult, I have had moments where I wished I could disappear, but they are becoming less and less as I become more comfortable being who I am.
7. I LOVE to bake and eat sweets. And breads. And rolls. And prepare yummy meals…and challenging meals…!
8. Exercise is my friend. I wish I spent more time with this friend.
9. I ran a half-marathon on a whim with a dear, dear friend and my wonderful husband. It was hard. But I’m so glad I did it.
10. I wrote a novel on a whim last year for NaNoWriMo.
11. Even though I’ve accomplished much in my life, I treasure most my relationships with others.
12. I want to write a book that is adapted to the screen.
13. I am fascinated by talented performers and artists on many levels.
14. I believe in rooting for the underdog.
15. Happiness comes for me when I forget myself and reach out to others; growth comes when I reach out even when I am uncomfortable doing it.
Fifteen of you that I Adore (in no particular order):
1. Lady in the House
2. Paint the world with words
3. Shift
4. stylesalvation
5. Dyan Diamond
6. The Girl Who Blogs
7. Jack Flacco
8. afantasycometrue
9. Southern Sea Muse10.
10. Writing for Daisies
11. Jasmine Kyle
12. Mum’s the Word
13. Brianne Writes
14. Let’s Reach Success
15. Candy Coated Reality

Congratulations! Now it’s your turn! 🙂 Share fifteen random thoughts about yourself, and pass this along to fifteen other lovely bloggers!


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