Call Me Ishmael

Just kidding.  Actually, please call me Karin. My name isn’t pronounced “care-in.” It is actually Scandinavian (Norwegian) and is pronounced, “car-in.” (Stress is on the first syllable.)

Though it is simply put phonetically, many people struggle with saying it.

I don’t particularly mind when people misspeak, but I do try to help them be more comfortable calling me by name.

My father, when introducing me as a teenager, would often say to others, “Like when you drive your ‘car-in’ the garage.” Thanks, Dad.

As you can imagine, this experience as a youth scarred me somewhat. I recall even saying, “Daaaaaa-aaaaad!” in an exasperated tone.

Now I use his example.

My good friend in junior high school used to address my notes like this:

blog credits: car, letter N

I’ve been thinking, as I continue to work on self-love and self esteem, that maybe I do care. Maybe I do want people to say my name correctly. Maybe I do matter enough for you to make the effort to learn my name.

After all, we’re friends, aren’t we? And friends love and take care of each other, right? And they know each other’s names.


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4 thoughts on “Call Me Ishmael”

  1. Love your post today, and can really related. Simple name, Anna, but I am continually surprised by how many people don’t get it right; Onna, or Anne usually. And from people who have known me for a long time, too! It means a lot when someone cares enough to take the time to learn and pay attention and make the effort. It doesn’t take much, but it makes you feel that you matter and are worth it.
    BTW – I totally apologize for pronouncing your name wrong the second time I met you (at Sacrament meeting). I had met you the night before at our Ward party, and tried so hard to make sure I remembered the correct pronunciation for later. Didn’t do so well, but I was trying. Will never forget it again, Car-In! 🙂 ❤

    1. Thank you, Anna!!! 🙂 I don’t often notice the mispronunciation to commit an experience to memory…and I totally don’t remember that!!! No offense taken. 🙂 I agree that when people take notice of your name that you feel like they care. I’ve forgotten or mispronounced my share of names over the years, especially with all the new people we’ve met, but I do try to remember and pronounce correctly!
      Hugs to you!!!!! 🙂

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