Up in my figurative tower
Growing out my hair
Confined, cornered,
Her tight hold on my soul
Mirrored only by the way she held the brush
And band
For another twist
Or braid
Manipulate my spirit, my voice
In, out, down, through, under, twist, braid, tight, tighter, tighter….

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Writer, freelance editor, mother, artist...I wear a few other hats, as well, of course. :)

2 thoughts on “Control”

  1. I love metaphors, and I can see lots of metaphors with this poem. I’m picturing a scene much like that of Titanic where Rose’s mother tightens her corset, tighter and tighter to the point where she can’t almost breath. Except in this situation it’s hair. Lovely!

    1. Thanks, Jack. I think I wrote this as a response after watching Tangled. I was entranced by the way Mother Gothel manipulated Rapunzel, and I thought the writers portrayed the mother-daughter manipulation well. I hadn’t thought of Rose’s mother, but that was absolutely a moment of manipulation. One reason I adore poetry is that we each connect and find different meanings in words. 🙂 I appreciate your thoughtful feedback!

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