Driving and Thinking

Driving the speed limit down a main road in the left lane can be dangerous. Someone behind you could flash their lights, and you could switch to the right lane when that lane is clear, and you could feel some sense of “What did I do that was wrong?” or “Why did I need to get out of that driver’s way since we are now both stopped at the same light?” You could even decide to look back at the flashing-lights driver and wonder, or feel angry, or want to pass that driver. You could.

And then you could say a little prayer and ask yourself questions like, “Why do I automatically feel insulted or angry?” or “What could I do to feel differently?”

Then, you could quietly ponder that you have no idea about that driver’s circumstances and that if he or she happened to be a friend or someone you knew well and liked that you would be more understanding. You might find that pride–the kind of pride where you feel like you are better than others–comes from not knowing all their details. Sometimes you don’t even know all your own details, much less all the details of others’ lives. And you could smile and resolve to be more understanding, more loving.

You could do that. And, that experience just might change your life.

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