Cyber Monday!

Advice Yoda Gives - Black eye from black friday shopping you have? shop cyber monday from home you must

Of course, to follow-up with Friday’s post…it’s Cyber Monday!  And, I’ve written you a little song to celebrate:

Happy Cyber Monday to you!

Happy Cyber Monday to you!

Happy Cyber Monday Middle-of-My-Story-Blog-Readers!

Happy Cyber Monday to you!

Catchy, isn’t it?  🙂

In seriousness, here are a few sites with deals that came through my email that you might like (or you might not, but they are here for the taking):

Lisa Leonard – handmade jewelry and gifts…so gorgeous! (25% off purchase)

Vera Bradley – handbags and more in fun, washable fabrics (hipsters half-off and more deals)

Ruche – fun, vintage-look clothing for women (30% off all new arrivals today)

and, of course, who can forget Amazon and VS for holiday shopping?  Both have some amazing deals going…especially if someone on your list is looking for a Kindle Fire or needs a new bra (or two).

Which brings me to this question…where do you do most of your shopping? (& I’m wondering if you prefer the online route or actually visiting a store….)


Black Friday

black friday

(from here)

Do I even need to tell you how I feel about Black Friday?  However you may be celebrating Black Friday, though, I wish you health, happiness, and debt-free holidays!  Happy Black Friday (which has become a holiday in its own way, or so today would seem…)!


We all have our priorities…

You Got The iPhone 5

Thanks for this meme! My kiddos are always asking for stuff…& I keep trying to teach them to be responsible with their financial choices…but we all have our priorities, don’t we? Do you prioritize your spending consciously or subconsciously?