Thankful for Marriage

I am thankful–with a week left until THANKSGIVING–for my dear husband. He’s still gorgeous, strong, thoughtful, tender, and loving after putting up with me for over a decade and a half…and that’s no small feat. HE IS AMAZING!!!!

Here are today’s songs:

Meiko – Stuck On You

One Direction – Kiss You

Gratitude for Nature

I had to restrain myself from posting this right away last night after I watched it. I was quite moved.

As we continue to think about giving thanks this month, I hope this short TED talk from Louie Schwartzberg will give you a few moments to reflect and ponder.

I recall an amazing experience this summer when my husband and I were in St. Lucia as part of a family trip. While there, we went snorkeling at two different reefs, and I felt amazed by the beauty and majesty of creation. I continue to be grateful for those moments while, surrounded by myriad creatures such as brilliantly colored fish and squid, I felt the blessing of being a part of God’s creation. I knew that He created this amazing earth for us–His children–and I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

When have you been captivated by nature or overwhelmed by the blessings of creation?

You Are Thankful for WHOM Today?

Today, I am thankful for my mother.

She wasn’t the mother I thought I wanted, but she was definitely the mother that I needed.

I thought I wanted the mother who had warm cookies cooling on a cooling rack as I walked in the door from school each afternoon. I thought I wanted the mother who sewed matching dresses (think The Sound of Music minus the drapes). I thought I wanted the mother who took me shopping at the most stylish stores.

Instead, I got a mother who taught me that all people have reasons for being the way they are, and that I could be understanding and accepting, no matter what. I got the mother who, when she was too ill to leave her bed, spent hours on the phone speaking messages of hope and faith to others in similar situations. I got the mother who showed me that faith and family came first, above worldly accolades or any external successes. I got the mother who sang, beautifully and magically. I got the mother who taught me my way around the kitchen, how to load a dishwasher, and how to piece a quilt–skills I am now passing on to another generation.

And I am grateful. I am grateful not only for what she did–but for who she was (and is), and most importantly for the person she has allowed me to be.

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***Remember that you can still join in with 50 Days of Thanks! Check the Facebook event to RSVP!***

Can You Say Love?

I have (almost forever) enjoyed the music of this gal:

Hopefully this will inspire you as you think thankful thoughts this Thursday!

(Are you writing for your 50 Days of Thanks? Have you joined and shared this event with your friends?)

Thank you!

Sending love and light!


50 Days of Thanks

Will you join me?

As I have contemplated how much better I feel living in an attitude of gratitude, I have been seeking ways to further cultivate this virtue. Here are some steps and background that have led me to this place in my life:
1. A few years ago on my birthday, I decided to write and send a message of gratitude to a handful of friends I might have neglected to say how much their lives have blessed mine.
2. As our family experienced several life transitions which have brought many wonderful people in and out of our lives, I felt a great desire and need to thank them.
3. I LOVE receiving mail…and I think many people might feel much like I do. 🙂
4. Bringing happiness to people is one of my greatest joys in life.
5. I have been inspired repeatedly by the sharing of individuals such as Hannah Brencher, who sends messages of love to people she doesn’t even know.
Read more of her message here on her TED talk:

As you contemplate joining me, please consider:
1. How would you feel to be a recipient of a letter of gratitude this season?
2. Would your time be well spent sending messages of thanks to those you love?
3. Could you spare a few moments to write, spend a few pennies on a stamp, and open your heart?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of those questions, I pose yet one more: Will you join me?

I will be, over the course of the next few months, sending out messages of thanks to those in my life who have touched me. I bought a “value pack” of fifty Thank You cards at Hallmark a few weeks ago, followed by several sheets of FOREVER stamps at my local US Post Office. I am working to write, address, and mail each one of these cards before Thursday, November 28, 2013–Thanksgiving Day in the US.

(Yes, I realize that the calendar shows more than fifty days until November 28th–it’s more like 71 from today–but some of you may want to create your own cards or may need to schedule a trip to buy stamps–or you may take a day off every now and then on those super-busy days–and I wanted this to be possible for all of us. And, since the mail doesn’t run on Sundays, we need a few extra days anyway!) 🙂

And I would love to share the joy with you!  So, will you join me? (Even if you write one more Thank You note than you would’ve done, you will spread love and light into the world which will come back to you…I promise!)

Commit to join me on Facebook or in the comments here. I hope to be posting support and gratitude messages for the next several Thursdays….