Broken Things

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My mother-in-law, Mercy, cherishes beautiful things.  As newlyweds, her husband, Jack, was stationed in Germany with the United States Army.  Adventurous and free, she loved taking the train all over Europe, exploring and gradually and carefully selecting beautiful things:  Hand-crafted clocks, hardwood furniture, and artisan vases.  Although the most precious thing she eventually brought home from overseas was her firstborn baby, Marc, she still meticulously packaged those lovely pieces of art so that they would survive the precarious journey over land and sea to their new home in America.

That precious son grew and six siblings followed.  Most people with a house-full of kids would lock up their precious possessions, protecting them from the rough handling of little hands, but Mercy didn’t want to live in a world of plastic just because she was a mother.  Instead, she taught her children from the time they were tiny how to properly care for “pretty things.”  The “pretty things” were proudly…

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Here they are….

From a very cool artist:

Ray Ferrer - Emotion on Canvas

8 artworks of mine that are now available as limited / numbered / signed prints.

If you didnt want to buy an original, here is a way to have a great piece for a fraction of the cost.

All are signed / numbered / limited and ready to be framed!

Just click on the one(s) you want!   Enjoy!

Young Girl - By Ray Ferrer (Spray Paint on Canvas)  Ferrer - La Femme  Ferrer - Relativity  Wine Print  Ferrer - Demure

Ferrer - Madonna Basic   Ferrer - United We Stand  Ferrer - Darth Trooper

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What a fantastic way to celebrate love!

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Waiting and waiting and waiting
(being acted upon)

And finally
Letting go.


Free to act
Free to choose
Free to be

Sans fear, sans reservation, sans anxiety

Simply free.

–Karin Salisbury