Winter, Please “Let It Go”

Could the creators of Frozen have timed the release of the film any better?

I don’t think so….

With half of the U.S. still frozen, and while Americans are anxiously awaiting the advent of Spring–along with the DVD release of Frozen (did you know you can already purchase the film through iTunes or advance purchase it through Amazon?), I thought I would supply you with some covers and renditions of the Oscar-winning song, “Let It Go.”

Last Sunday’s Oscar performance from Idina Menzel (or is it Adele Dazeem?):

Official Demi Lovato:

A little bit of tribal flavor and ice castles:

More ice castles with some Vivaldi for good measure:

And, just for fun–Jimmy Fallon, Idina Menzel, & The Roots along with some elementary school instrument accompaniment:

Which one is your favorite?

Cyber Monday!

Advice Yoda Gives - Black eye from black friday shopping you have? shop cyber monday from home you must

Of course, to follow-up with Friday’s post…it’s Cyber Monday!  And, I’ve written you a little song to celebrate:

Happy Cyber Monday to you!

Happy Cyber Monday to you!

Happy Cyber Monday Middle-of-My-Story-Blog-Readers!

Happy Cyber Monday to you!

Catchy, isn’t it?  🙂

In seriousness, here are a few sites with deals that came through my email that you might like (or you might not, but they are here for the taking):

Lisa Leonard – handmade jewelry and gifts…so gorgeous! (25% off purchase)

Vera Bradley – handbags and more in fun, washable fabrics (hipsters half-off and more deals)

Ruche – fun, vintage-look clothing for women (30% off all new arrivals today)

and, of course, who can forget Amazon and VS for holiday shopping?  Both have some amazing deals going…especially if someone on your list is looking for a Kindle Fire or needs a new bra (or two).

Which brings me to this question…where do you do most of your shopping? (& I’m wondering if you prefer the online route or actually visiting a store….)