These Are All Just Nice Words Unless…

A friend of mine posted Ashley Judd’s 2012 comments and defense of her “puffiness” today on Facebook. Though I adore Judd’s sentiment, they are only words unless we act.

We’ve had more than two years since she spoke out against misogyny–and what have we done about it?

This may seem like a sidestep, but please bear with me.

My son adores Batman. He has two different Batman costumes, Batman pajamas, and for the last year, he has really, really, really wanted a Batman hoodie.

Well, I found a Batman hoodie about a week ago in a local store. It was his size, and in our price range. Even though I knew he would love it, I hesitated. The hoodie outlined a six-pack abdomen, and I knew it carried a message.

Batman Boys' Fleece Hoodie with Mask-Black
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Do I really want my less-than-eight-year-old walking around thinking he needs to have amazing abs to be a valuable person?

(Hopefully you already know the answer to that question.)

What we might find even more remarkable is that my son is on the high end of the sizes carried. I think the store had them as small as 2T (that’s 2-Toddler…).

And so I begin, on my little corner of the blogosphere, to raise a voice. A voice of action. A voice of love–for ourselves and for future generations. What will you do today to #ShareGoodness? To promote a positive body image–no matter the shape or size? To share acceptance?

Recently, I was assisting a local choir director with sizing choir members for costumes. As I placed a measuring tape around each of their bodies, I felt a tension equalling a sadness in many.

Though the numbers attached to each body varied, they were all beautiful. Each one has a gift to share with the world. Each one is valued and cherished. Each one is important.

I wanted to scream to them from a housetop: YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU ARE VALUED. YOU ARE LOVED–JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

I hope you feel my love for you. I respect you as a fellow human–no matter how you look or what you wear or where you live. I love you.

We don’t need a six-pack (real or through a hoodie) to be someone’s superhero. We do that each day by simply living the lives we are born to live. (No, I’m not going to break out in “Climb Every Mountain“…I’ll let you do that yourself.) 🙂

I hope we can love ourselves and others enough to share this message of acceptance, in whatever sphere we may be. We are amazing, and now is the time to raise our voices. Now is the time to shine.

Happily Feeling All Things Friday

And by Friday, I do not mean that ridiculous Rebecca Black song that got like 40 gazillion YouTube hits (okay, I’m exaggerating)…I’m talking about the Friday that begins the weekend!!!!  With the advent of this day, I just wake up happy knowing that tomorrow is mine to build or make or create or sleep or clean or stay in bed or nap or take a day trip adventure with the kiddos and Superman (did I mention that my husband used to be mistaken for Clark Kent?).  Well, on this lovely Friday, I have already gotten several kiddos off to school, eaten breakfast, exercised, showered, and drawn numerous pictures of Batman, the bat light (whatever it’s called…that light with the bat symbol that is used to notify Batman of his need to come to the rescue), and the Batmobile (which is sometimes called the “Bat car” by my little guy, since when he says “Batmobile,” it sounds like something totally different…more like “BatmanBill” and I don’t know how to draw that…whatever it is). 🙂  This is the version of the Batmobile we drew today:

From where does all this newfound energy come? (Oh, I forgot to add that I’m in the middle of painting my toes and have also decided on my ensemble for tonight’s hot date with Mr. Right. If you read yesterday’s post, I think we’ve broken down the wall and mended the rift…& we are going to dinner tonight to enjoy some local food flavors and adult conversation.)  I have no idea…but today is FRIDAY, and I am filled with hope for the weekend, connection with family and friends, and feeling oh-so-happy!  🙂

How are you?