Strength Training

The new yoga pants fit well. After struggling most of my life to find pants that would more than kiss my ankles on my seventy-two inch, thin frame without swallowing my waistline, the sigh of relief is more than audible. I slide on a shirt over a muted pink sports bra and tackle the stairs.

After a stretch and warm-up, several deep breaths, and some cardio, I punch several buttons, meandering apps and menus on the tablet at my feet. It rests carefully against the downstairs couch, almost silent except for the Spotify playlist pumping some techno-sounding beats from Zedd. I remember when techno was new.

Still, I persist until I find the right button–and some fitness diva starts excitedly voicing words like “plyo.”

I enter an alternate sphere of focus and energy, of strength and life. I jump, I squat, I curl, I lunge. I plank longer than I’ve ever planked before today. I am gaining strength.

I’ve been working more consistently for about two months now, and my body is responding. My yoga pants fit better, and my heart is happy.

My arms…well, they still need some work. But my core and legs are getting stronger.

How do I know? Well, while doing the “Cha-Cha Slide” recently, Mr. C asked me how low I could go…& I could go all the way to the floor.

And this girl knew her strength training was actually working! 🙂