Christopher Columbus…he sailed the ocean blue!

Well, following a teacher work-day Friday, the “normal” weekend (which, around here, is often anything but normal), and Columbus Day yesterday, I was a happy mommy to kiss my kiddos goodbye this morning for them to spend a day learning and bringing home bags full of papers, reading books, and various other homework items.  🙂  And, with the advent of Columbus Day, I am often reminded of a little poem (forgive me for not knowing the author) that we used to sing when I was in grade school:

Christopher Columbus…he sailed the ocean blue./He found a continent in 1492.

That little poem I learned way-back-when helped me numerous times when I was called upon to answer date questions in later history classes.  🙂  So, today I want to give a shout-out to all teachers…young and old, mine and yours…and everyone else’s (& especially today to my children’s current teachers).  All of you are amazing to devote your own education, time, efforts and energy to the teaching of our next generation.  Thank you for who you are and for all that you do!  You have touched my life, my family, our communities, and our nation.  Your impact will be felt for generations!  What you do each day is worth all the work, long hours, and frustrations.  You are making a difference.  In years to come, we may not remember your names or faces, but we will remember some little couplet or phrase, some tidbit of information or life lesson we learned while in your presence.  Under your tutelage, we became better individuals, more responsible citizens, and more equipped to face further educational and vocational opportunities.  Just as Christopher Columbus had people who supported and believed in his revolutionary ideas, you have supported and believed in us…sometimes when no one else did.  With your help, we enlarged our own minds and perspectives.  We may not be discovering continents, but we are engaging in various other efforts to bring continents and people together through diplomacy, friendship, and building a world of love and peace together.  Thank you, teachers, for believing in the impossible!  You have opened new continents of knowledge and enlightenment to us, empowering each of us to live better, more educated lives.  You are amazing!