The Words We Speak

Author’s Note:  I found this post in the archives this morning, and I do believe it merits posting today.  I have been working on my words and tone lately, and I have seen a difference in tone in my home and life…just FYI.  Sending hugs!

I’ve been thinking on language lately and how the words we speak in many ways define us.  Do you think they do?

As a writer, I find words enlightening, amazing, powerful.  I want to learn to craft them into meaningful sentences, paragraphs, pages that speak to those who read, that touch them deeply in their souls.

As I have had this war of words battling for my attention lately amidst fatigue, stress, and discouragement, my words and tone have followed more negatively.  I was grateful for the opportunity to attend church a number of weeks ago (we have a lay ministry in my faith, and members of the congregation accept assignments to speak during the service each week), where a fifteen-year-old boy stood at the pulpit and taught truth regarding the power of language.  His words spoke to my soul and gave me strength and determination to guard my words more carefully and to use them more cautiously.

Speech Bubbles
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 I have some changes to make.  Thankfully, a new beginning is on the horizon.

And I am grateful for this chance to become a better person.

Life really is a blessing.

And words are a gift…so use them wisely.  I know I will try harder from now on to use my words with intention.

The people with whom I speak are beloved and need to be handled with care.