Winter, Please “Let It Go”

Could the creators of Frozen have timed the release of the film any better?

I don’t think so….

With half of the U.S. still frozen, and while Americans are anxiously awaiting the advent of Spring–along with the DVD release of Frozen (did you know you can already purchase the film through iTunes or advance purchase it through Amazon?), I thought I would supply you with some covers and renditions of the Oscar-winning song, “Let It Go.”

Last Sunday’s Oscar performance from Idina Menzel (or is it Adele Dazeem?):

Official Demi Lovato:

A little bit of tribal flavor and ice castles:

More ice castles with some Vivaldi for good measure:

And, just for fun–Jimmy Fallon, Idina Menzel, & The Roots along with some elementary school instrument accompaniment:

Which one is your favorite?

Cold, Cold, Go Away!

I have a nasty cold.  I don’t know how I could get a cold, with all the sunshine and warmth around me, but I have a cold.  I didn’t ask for it, I promise.  In fact, I didn’t kiss my handsome husband for over a week in pursuit of NOT getting a cold.  What a loss.  😦

Anyway, one of the blessings that comes with having a cold is the need (but not always the ability) to rest while recouping.  Well, I haven’t had that luxury too much over the past few weeks, but one day not too long ago I did take a few minutes to catch up on some cuddling with my (gasp–almost school-age) little guy while watching some Pride and Prejudice (2005).  I was struck this go-round with the scene when Elizabeth is pleading with her father for permission to marry Mr. Darcy.  She talks about how she was wrong and how she really does love him (touching, right?).  What I loved about this moment was not her tribute to his character or her admission of her own pride but the fact that nothing went as Lizzie planned, yet she still got all she wanted–marriage to a man she loved while maintaining her own identity–with even “more fine carriages than Jane [would have marrying Mr. Bingley].”

Pride & Prejudice
photo credit

I think that’s where I am.

In my life, with all the plans I could make (though I do continue to set goals and achieve them at times), I’m not prepared for all the twists and turns that have come my way.  Still, I am happy.  I have more than enough and to spare for myself and my family (& I can say that even while suffering through this heinous cold that woke me up before 5 a.m. in search of cold medicine and VapoRub more than once last week).  So, hooray for a crazy cold!  Hooray for being able to think for ourselves and choose what we want out of life!  Hooray for counting blessings and maintaining positive attitudes!  Hooray for being me, today, in a place I could’ve never imagined, but where I have all I need and most everything I could want.



Christmas is coming; the geese are getting fat…

Do you remember that song?  I didn’t ever know what a hay-penny or a half-penny was until singing that song one day and wondering.  So, I did what I thought I should.  I asked my mom.  It’s what people did back in the day when we didn’t just Google all our questions.

Speaking of Googling questions…I have sick people in my home.  One actually woke me up around 2:23 a.m. to say she felt crummy and couldn’t sleep.  An hour and a few doses of medicine later, she wanted a shower.  Finally, about two hours later, she was headed to sleep, while one of her younger brothers found his way into our room.  I will spare you the other details, but let’s just say we didn’t sleep much last night.

Back to Googling, though…my dear husband is home again feeling yucky, as well (and, after little to no sleep last night, who can blame him?), and, when I sat down at the computer to begin my typing for NaNoWriMo this morning, he said, “If I were there, I would Google home remedies for colds/flu.”  I was curious, so I Googled the topic.

And guess what?

The Glorious Internet Fountain of Knowledge (through WebMD) said we should drink lots of fluids, take Vitamin C & garlic, use steam to clear sinuses, and take some cough medicine and Advil or Tylenol for pain.  Really?  We’ve been doing most of that for over a week, and still people are feeling gross.

Well, maybe I should take a moment and be grateful that most of my children are well and still going to school…and my cute preschooler is bubbling with energy (which really is a blessing…except when I want a nap!)…and I’m only about 1,000 words behind for NaNoWriMo…and still writing!  🙂  Life really is good.  And, I get to spend a little extra time with some cool people I love…helping to deliver cough drops and OTC medicines and watching movies.  If I can stay positive in light of all that is going on, then I will be okay!

Hope you are healthy and happy and still reading and writing, too, as the holidays approach!