So, with February here and Valentine’s quickly approaching, I thought I would share some happy, loving thoughts (after I wrote a little rant that I might post next week sometime…). 🙂

I would love to quote The Help directly, but the grammar kills me, so I have paraphrased (and added a bit).





And, just to get you in the mood, some LOVE SONGS (one of my favorite genres of music…could you call it a genre?…well, it’s one of my fav catergories of music, anyway…)!

Celebrating Friendship and Birthdays

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So, I made a Spotify playlist for a friend in celebration of her upcoming birthday…and I was wondering if I could post it here…so I’ve been experimenting.  And I don’t know how to do that yet.  I guess you’ll have to enjoy the songs on my Favs playlist on the sidebar….

Do you have traditions that you do for friends on their birthdays?  Do you wish them well via email, text, FB message or wall post?  Do you blog or create a slide show of your memorable times together?  How do you show them that you love them on the commemoration of the day they entered this world?

I don’t have a set way to gift my friends…and the miles that separate me from some of the dearest friends in my life prohibit me from actively doing more (like a visit, balloons, etc.)…but I do like to do something to show I care.

Like make a playlist.  Because sometimes music says “thanks for all the memories” in ways that I cannot with words…and I am a writer.