Running Initiation

Well, “it” finally happened. To me. Last week. And I have the bruise to prove it.

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I knew the weather was going to be “a good day for outdoor fitness” according to my phone’s weather app, so I got kiddos and husband out the door, laced up shoes, found a playlist, and inserted my fun earpods (gotta love Apple). I headed out, mapping my run via app & GPS, & was pretty happy with my results–especially since I haven’t been running too often lately.

The ground was a little slick, and I fought to maintain composure (and an overall upright stance) more than once. Still, all was going well as I concluded my run.

Then, as I began walking to cool down, I noticed something to my right. I lost focus on my steps…& then lost my footing…& balance…& scraped my hands against the pavement less than a second before my nose dove toward the grass.


My knee was bruised, my palm sore, and my breathing was a bit labored. I “sat” in that position for a few moments, stunned, and wondering what to do.

Then, I did something miraculous.

I got up from my place, retrieved a load of intention from someplace deep inside myself, and kept going.

My knee hurt, my palm stung, and the euphoria from the run had been shaken a bit from the fall.

Still, I felt this new completeness–this wholeness. I felt initiated.

Though I have completed a handful of 5Ks and a half-marathon, I felt more like a runner that day last week when I almost ate pavement.

Am I crazy? Maybe. 🙂

But I also felt amazing for facing the fear of falling and shoving it in my back pocket for a while.

I can do this became my mantra…& I’ve been saying it ever since. The principle is spilling over into all areas of my life. (I even scrubbed my kitchen yesterday…I know, crazy, right?) And I’m feeling pretty darn blessed in the process.