Because I’m Happy

How many of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” videos have you watched? I hope you’ve seen his one, at least:

He actually created twenty-four hours of video for his song, which he has posted by various hours on YouTube and on his site. Pretty cool, eh?

Well, aside from hearing the chorus over and over in my house recently from various posts of friends or even renditions from children, I have been pondering this idea of a complete day of happiness.

Have you had one of those?

A whole, entire, beautiful day of nothing but happy?

How did you feel? And, what kind of process happened for you to create twenty-four hours of happy?

I’m sure I’ve had them, too. Often, they happen when I am intentionally living in the moment, soaking in air and life and scents and sounds…not allowing anyone or anything to violate my determination to be happy.

I laugh at the little things, like this morning when my kiddo got stuck and an older sibling swept him out of his predicament and carried him to safety without a thought other than to help. Instead of worry for the situation, I chose to be happy.

This journey toward happiness hasn’t been easy or quick, but it has been worth training my brain to think happy, to release fear, and to enjoy this experience we call life.

And, Pharrell Williams’ song (& others like it) help to remind us simply that happiness is not just attainable but what we were born to be.


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I don’t profess to know all that much about Beyoncé–beyond some of her music that I love. I was intrigued though, with her first installment video regarding her most recently released “visual album.” Here is her own explanation of the way she is bringing about change in the music world:

She released this video several days ago, and has released Part 2 (my apologies if the language offends), which I will also post, because I think her message is important:

I admire her for her innovation, for her artistry, for her love for what she does and for the growth she is bringing about in the music industry.

Individuals really can make a difference.

You can make a difference.

I can make a difference.

Sending love and light through the weekend to you…wherever you are.

Running Initiation

Well, “it” finally happened. To me. Last week. And I have the bruise to prove it.

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I knew the weather was going to be “a good day for outdoor fitness” according to my phone’s weather app, so I got kiddos and husband out the door, laced up shoes, found a playlist, and inserted my fun earpods (gotta love Apple). I headed out, mapping my run via app & GPS, & was pretty happy with my results–especially since I haven’t been running too often lately.

The ground was a little slick, and I fought to maintain composure (and an overall upright stance) more than once. Still, all was going well as I concluded my run.

Then, as I began walking to cool down, I noticed something to my right. I lost focus on my steps…& then lost my footing…& balance…& scraped my hands against the pavement less than a second before my nose dove toward the grass.


My knee was bruised, my palm sore, and my breathing was a bit labored. I “sat” in that position for a few moments, stunned, and wondering what to do.

Then, I did something miraculous.

I got up from my place, retrieved a load of intention from someplace deep inside myself, and kept going.

My knee hurt, my palm stung, and the euphoria from the run had been shaken a bit from the fall.

Still, I felt this new completeness–this wholeness. I felt initiated.

Though I have completed a handful of 5Ks and a half-marathon, I felt more like a runner that day last week when I almost ate pavement.

Am I crazy? Maybe. 🙂

But I also felt amazing for facing the fear of falling and shoving it in my back pocket for a while.

I can do this became my mantra…& I’ve been saying it ever since. The principle is spilling over into all areas of my life. (I even scrubbed my kitchen yesterday…I know, crazy, right?) And I’m feeling pretty darn blessed in the process.


Being Conscious

As I sit here tapping away on my keyboard to “Radio” by Hot Chelle Rae (how cute is that song?) and sipping on my protein shake following a decent workout, I’m pondering a thought from Honest Rachael, who posted to the world about spreading a little more love throughout the entire month of February.  I loved her insightful blog post and commented that I would join her in spreading a little more love throughout the month.  The thought I had this morning, though, is that in order to spread love or give of ourselves or do anything somewhat extraordinary (which happens daily for some people) is to BE CONSCIOUS.

If I just go along my merry way, letting life take me where it will, then I will most likely be tossed to and fro (physically as well as emotionally) without truly regarding my own personal power to do something.  I can do my little workout each morning, spend time in personal devotion, write a blog, do dishes & laundry, cook, clean, and do whatever else I do in a given day with little motivation or notice of the days and weeks and months and years that pass…or I can be conscious of my life and my time and live deliberately–making goals and feeling accomplishment and power and influence.

I have been touched by those who live to conquer fear and reach their goals–no matter how lofty and far-reaching.  One of these people is Evan Sanders, who recently completed a book and writes a blog about becoming a better man.  I admire his courage and leaps of faith as he has struggled through adversities with amazing positivity and the vision of what he wants to do and who he will become.  Way to go, Evan!  Just reading a post from him gives me a push to keep going and want to be better.  🙂

Well, my protein shake is almost done, and I need to hit the shower…but I will leave you with this question, a thought, and a few Happy Monday tunes.  First the question:  How can you be more conscious of your decisions and the way you spend your time?

Here’s the thought:  You have personal power and the love you show may be someone else’s inspiration…so get to work!!!!

And, of course, the music: 🙂

And, as always, HUGS!

gifts…and happy weekend wishes to you!

One morning recently, during our daily reading and study as a family, we talked to our children about recognizing and realizing the gifts they have been given.  Not the physical gifts, mind you…we were asking them to figure out what gifts they have been given naturally or that need to be recognized and developed to come to greater fruition to help them and others throughout this journey we call life.

Now that I’m blogging, I am reminded of a book entitled The Twelve Gifts of Birth, which my mother found when I was a teenager and read to me then.  I haven’t read it often to my children, but I would like for them to realize the concept.

I find that when I am looking to recognize my gifts that I also work to recognize the gifts in others…which produces positivity and happiness within me and love for those around me as I see them in a new light.  I see within them the potential for greatness.

What gifts have you been given?  And what are you doing to develop those gifts more fully?

I’ve given my children the assignment to ponder over the coming days with the goal to reconvene to discuss our findings…and my husband and I are working on the challenge with them.  Will you join us?  We can adopt each other as family for the week and think of what talents, gifts, and light we have been given…and seek inspiration on what we can do to magnify these gifts in our lives.  🙂  I’m interested to see what we discover about ourselves and others in the process!