Put a Little Love in Your Heart

So, I read¬†this morning about the break-up of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez…and his comments which basically said that he had no idea what was going on in¬†his life.¬† Now, I generally find much better things to do with my time than to follow the ins and outs of celebrity relationships (which, quite frankly, I think should be minimized in the media if publicized at all), but I am often puzzled by what makes relationships work and not; I am also fascinated at how a relationship between two people can have such far-reaching¬†effects–even through generations–and how the day-to-day choices that pull a couple together or pull them farther apart are really just that, choices.

I know within my own marriage relationship, I make a choice each day whether I’m in it with all my heart.¬† Some days, when I do put all my heart into loving and helping my husband and our children, I feel like the pay-off of growth and happiness and joy within our home is so worth the work, effort, and sacrifice.¬† Other days–those self-absorbed, me-minded days–you know the ones I’m talking about–I find the discord¬†in our home to be a broad sea that I’m floating in, having left my oar ashore.¬† I know I need to do something to get back to that sea of tranquility that brings me those peaceful, happy moments–but what?!?!?!?!

Actually, many answers occur to me–forgiveness (being at the forefront), trying to find something my husband did for which I am grateful, or remembering why I fell in love with him (or why I married him, etc.) helps.¬† I have also¬†found that when I put his needs above my own, and when he does the same for me, that we are able to connect in ways that we don’t otherwise.¬† He helps me; I help him.¬† Sounds simple enough, right?¬† But in the quest for “finding ourselves,” sometimes we lose this ever-important piece of our life’s puzzle.

So, not just in marriage or motherhood or fatherhood or dating–but in all relationships, if we as individuals would work to put a little more love in our hearts and worry more about others than we worry about ourselves, the world could be a much better place.

New Music Tuesday

I love Tuesdays!!!!!¬† Why?¬† Well, I’ll tell you.¬† Tuesday is not Monday (and though yesterday was a pretty good Monday, they are not generally consistently good, like Fridays).¬† And, Tuesday is my park day (unless it’s raining).¬† And, of course, Tuesday marks a new free single on iTunes, as well as new releases and updates on what is selling in the music world.¬† Fun times all around on Tuesday!

So, what’s free this week?¬† It’s a song entitled, “Fall Around” by a band called Smoke & Jackal.¬† It’s kinda mellow, and compared to the sounds of U2 from their Joshua Tree album on the review.¬† I kinda like it, but the sound bite is pretty repetitive….¬† Still,¬†it’s¬†FREE, so how can anyone complain?¬† Get it, or don’t, but no¬†complaining.¬† ūüôā

So what’s hot and new?¬† The new Taylor Swift album, which has yet to be fully released, has been gaining major popularity, with catchy songs like, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”¬†¬†My daughter and I¬†Googled the video for this last night while we were cooking dinner, and I couldn’t stop singing it all evening.¬† Then, we modified the lyrics after watching the new Justin Bieber/Nicki Minaj “Beauty and¬†a Beat” video ¬†promoted heavily on VEVO¬†(which I frankly couldn’t finish watching) to sing, “We are never ever ever¬†listening to Justin Bieber¬†[again].”¬† Cuteness turned smut is just not my style, I guess.¬† Too much hand to crotch for my taste, and I certainly don’t want my kiddos thinking girls flipping through water in bikinis and bumping and grinding dancers are the norm.¬† Sorry.

I have felt the need to get back into music (which was very much a part of my life for most of my growing up years…anything from show tunes¬†to sacred music to pop to alternative rock of the time…) after about a decade of vacation from popular music (mostly 2000-2010).¬† My kiddos started to listen to music they would hear at PE or learn from friends, and I thought I’d better be informed about what they were listening to instead of sticking my head in the sand.¬† Now, we have loaded iPods and a¬†couple of those Just Dance games, but I try to make them aware of how music makes them feel (as well as the message of the words).

We recently had an issue with my boys, one in particular, loving a song about “party rock,” (which is defined by Urban Dictionary as a type of music, but is also defined as¬†a type of crack cocaine).¬† Go figure.¬† They thought the song seemed harmless enough (dancing, partying); I thought the rhythms sounded like an orgasm or some type of high.¬† Who knew?¬† All I know is that I don’t want my pre-teen (or teenage, for that matter) children listening to it.¬† Again, I try to teach them that the feelings the music invokes (through rhythms, beats, etc.) are often as powerful (or in some cases more powerful, and more subtle) than what the words say (which is sometimes enough to keep a song from being played often in our home).¬† Some people don’t care, but I am not one of those people.

Music is very powerful within my psyche.  I can listen to music to laugh, dance, cry, rejoice, or empower.  In my younger years, I would use music at times to induce or feed a stupor or depressed state.  I realize not every one is affected by music so strongly, but who knows which one of my children will be highly affected or not?  I just feel the need to be careful.

So, my attempt to a “Happy Tuesday–free music” post has gone preachy…oh, well.¬† Maybe next week will be lighter!

Hugs till then!¬† –K