And Now My Heart Is Full…

With my apologies to Morrissey…and to you for being absent for all of June….  You see, I’ve been a little busy…travelling here:

hanging out at the beach here:

and watching the boats move in and out over here:

While I was gone, it wasn’t all leisure time.  We did some push-ups (after lots of stair-climbing, I might add) on an old fort here:

and we also did some snorkeling and swimming after we took a few pics here:

Our site seeing included a visit to a (freezing cold) waterfall here:

and more views of the cool fort:

We saved some time to get dressed up for dinner:

enjoy the night lights on the water:

check out the cool cloud formations:

and chill by the pool:

All in all, my time was very productive.  Though I still have a busy rest of my summer to come, I did want to touch base to say that I’ve enjoyed so much being out in the creations of the earth and getting showered by a little love and sunshine (which was long overdue).  I’ll get back to regular writing and blogging soon enough…but, until then, I’m busy with packing for various destinations, working through summer reading lists, and enjoying my time with my family.  We even made some loaves of bread today!

Sending you love & hugs & the happiest of summer wishes (and safe travels, wherever your road may take you).


It’s a poem-y kind of day…

She built a glass house,
Pane by pane,
Glazing each one, then wiping it clean.

Sometimes, when the lawn service came, the decapitated grass blades would pile around the base of the glass
And she would painstakingly, on hands and knees, pull each slice of green away from the foundation.

Eventually she built a garden around the edge.

She used to tell all her neighbors that she loved the roof the best,
How the light would come in during the day,
How the stars and moon would shine their brightness through a sea of black,
How she could hear the rain with new ears.

When the birds would fly overhead (especially during geese migration), she needed
Help to clean the top of the house, so she would enlist the
Assistance of neighbors, friends, and even sometimes professional window-washers to
Clean the panes.

I asked her once how she could live with so much

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