This Non-stop Life

I sent an email to a family member recently who was sending hope and positive energy toward me during yet another large transition. My response went something like this:

“Life doesn’t stop…and when it does, we’re not sure we want it to….”

(Pardon my dangling preposition, please, while you think about that thought for a moment or two.)

Those who are faced with life ending, (or anything ending, really) tend to look back nostalgically on where they’ve been, what they could do better, and where they wish they had spent more time and energy.

I encourage you today, on this Happy Cinco de Mayo, to take an inventory of your life. If your days were numbered (and they are, only you don’t know the number), what would you do TODAY? Would you order out (or cook) Mexican food and have a fiesta or celebration? Would you make more time to write? Would you read that book that you’ve been meaning to read? Would you take a class? Would you learn a new skill? Would you take a step toward greater trust in a relationship? Would you hit the beach? Would you throw out all the clutter? Would you organize something? Would you dance in the rain? Would you have lunch with a child or a lover or your favorite book? Would you visit your grandparents? Would you sing? Would you smile more? (I would.)

Think productivity! Think positivity!

We don’t really have all the time in the world…we just have today.