Music Within

The notes don’t come as easily as they once did
And yet, in some ways, they are easier

Maybe her fingers are more nimble from the hours of

Hours at her disposal are no longer available
For practice
And yet,
When she sits to play, as she once did
Several lifetimes ago
She feels the same.

–Karin Salisbury

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After All

Street lamps burn white holes into
The darkest of night’s skies.
People still walk
Along the paved grey concrete stripes
Past shops that closed hours (or days) ago
Past squares of green and colors
Past homeless artists up past their bedtimes
They are singing songs that were popular decades ago….
Young couples share their first kisses, while
More seasoned couples smile to remember, and
Musicians wander the streets
Along with starving writers
Searching for inspiration, for a voice
One decides that we are all searching for
Something–for meaning
In a senseless world
–for beauty
Where aesthetics are lost
–for emotion
In a land of stoicism
A poet weeps
Barely standing in the shadow
Of a street light
Yet he emits his own light
Through his learning and observations

And so the evening isn’t a loss after all.

–Karin Salisbury

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Happy National Poetry Month

Honestly, I’ve been ready for April since the beginning of March (though March was a fabulous month by itself)…I’ve been anxious for warmer temps, Spring Break, a certain little guy’s birthday, and National Poetry Month!!!! (For some NPM FAQs, click here.)

Hooray for APRIL!!!

If you celebrate April Fool’s Day, I wish you well in that endeavor also. 🙂

 April Fool’s Day 2014 Clipart Photos and Images

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This month on the blog, I am planning to share some blast from the past poetry by yours truly (I haven’t written poetry in what feels like ages since I’ve gotten really serious about fiction writing) along with some of my fav poems or info on poets I enjoy reading.

And, I’m looking forward to some Spoken Word (or Performance) Poetry, as well (Sarah Kay, anyone?)…so, Happy National Poetry Month!!!! I hope you will help me celebrate April in some way. 🙂 Do you have favorite poets? Have you been to a poetry reading or slam? Do you love poetry like I do?

A Poem: “Slumbering”

Lying awake in the contrast of warm covers combatting cool air
Listening to the rustle of
Sleep and the uneasy breathing of

Wondering how they slumber without watch care, and yet
Wake each morning, perfectly embracing their imperfections

Arresting the Dawn.

(imperfectly perfect)

They were born to build kingdoms, to slay dragons, to learn love.

And we each have our own miles to go today before sleep comes again
With all the worry and wonderment of dreams

Maybe the
Angels really do
Watch over their

It’s a poem-y kind of day…

She built a glass house,
Pane by pane,
Glazing each one, then wiping it clean.

Sometimes, when the lawn service came, the decapitated grass blades would pile around the base of the glass
And she would painstakingly, on hands and knees, pull each slice of green away from the foundation.

Eventually she built a garden around the edge.

She used to tell all her neighbors that she loved the roof the best,
How the light would come in during the day,
How the stars and moon would shine their brightness through a sea of black,
How she could hear the rain with new ears.

When the birds would fly overhead (especially during geese migration), she needed
Help to clean the top of the house, so she would enlist the
Assistance of neighbors, friends, and even sometimes professional window-washers to
Clean the panes.

I asked her once how she could live with so much

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The Me You See

You’ll have to forgive the cheesy rhyming nature of the lines below (I beg of you, please). This topic is one I have given a great deal of thought, and after yesterday’s post, I had to get it down in word form (April is National Poetry Month, after all). Pardon me, also, for making the topic a little lighter with the rhyming nature…I guess I’m not exactly ready to deal with it seriously yet. Here you go!

Please acquaint me with the me you see.
I have such trouble sensing my own beauty.
Could it just be modesty?
Or denying myself the pure ecstasy
Of knowing who I could really be?

Let’s have a chat, just you and me
I’ll buy the scones, you bring the tea,
And we’ll sit on a balcony
And I’ll introduce you as you introduce me
To the joy of each other’s me we see.

I wonder if you could take the time this week (or during the rest of this blessed month of April) to help someone see themselves the way you see them, without his or her own self-criticism seeping through every thought. Could you write a letter? Send an email? FB message? Tweet? Or blog post? I will do the same. Decide today…before an upcoming (maybe tomorrow?) post when I have another invitation to offer! If you will join me, please share in the comments (or at least like this post) and follow-up after you have completed your intention. I’d love to hear what you decided to do and how it went!