Happy National Poetry Month

Honestly, I’ve been ready for April since the beginning of March (though March was a fabulous month by itself)…I’ve been anxious for warmer temps, Spring Break, a certain little guy’s birthday, and National Poetry Month!!!! (For some NPM FAQs, click here.)

Hooray for APRIL!!!

If you celebrate April Fool’s Day, I wish you well in that endeavor also. 🙂

 April Fool’s Day 2014 Clipart Photos and Images

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This month on the blog, I am planning to share some blast from the past poetry by yours truly (I haven’t written poetry in what feels like ages since I’ve gotten really serious about fiction writing) along with some of my fav poems or info on poets I enjoy reading.

And, I’m looking forward to some Spoken Word (or Performance) Poetry, as well (Sarah Kay, anyone?)…so, Happy National Poetry Month!!!! I hope you will help me celebrate April in some way. 🙂 Do you have favorite poets? Have you been to a poetry reading or slam? Do you love poetry like I do?