Flavors, Scents, and Sounds – II

So, I last blogged about the FLAVORS of life being able to bring me back into a moment or feeling or experience.  Today I’m posting about scents.  Have you even been walking through a store when you smelled something or someone that smelled so familiar?  I had a person close to me share an experience when he was doing some work as a missionary in a European country (he is American).  Well, he boarded a bus or some other mode of public transportation, and he began to feel all these feelings of familiarity and longing for a woman on the bus whom he had never met.  He couldn’t figure out this immediate emotional attraction until he discovered that his fellow passenger was wearing the same perfume that his mother wore regularly when he was a child.  His brain connected the scent of the woman’s perfume with his memory of his mother–who at that time was ailing in the rapidly advancing stages of MS–and he felt a connection.

I actually had a perfume flashback recently, myself.  I was in a store, and I wanted to smell a new scent that had been recently advertised.  I thought about spraying the tester on a card or paper strip which was provided, but I wanted to smell it on me, so I sprayed it on my wrist.

After a few times of smelling it over and over as I walked through the store, I thought, “I really like this.”  It was somehow familiar.  I thought about buying it.  But I had to get to another occasion before I could take the time to make a firm decision to purchase the new perfume (I don’t impulse buy very well…I have to think about spending money for awhile…especially if I’m spending it on myself).

So, later that evening, I put my wrist up to my daughter’s nose for her to smell it.  I told her about the new fragrance, and she responded positively.  As I smelled my wrist once more, I made the connection.  It smelled like a place where I spent quite a bit of time during my teenage and even adult years–a particular location within the “Happiest Place on Earth.”  I shared my thoughts with my daughter, who coroborated.  My husband wanted to share his opinion, as well, and so I lent my wrist for him to smell again.  He confirmed that he shared my feeling.

I was suprised at how a simple perfume could connect me to a past experience and certain feelings I had not felt for several years…but the brain somehow remembers, doesn’t it?

Makes me curious to know what else I’ve stored up here in this computer in my cranium…the world may never know…!  🙂