Random Thoughts

I used to listen to Matchbox 20 on Mix 106 out of Tavares, FL before they were picked up by a label.

I don’t really have any memories before age 5…and very few specific memories between 5 and 15.

I only find myself singing when I am really, truly happy.

I’m working on self-confidence.

I liked alternative music when it was still called progressive.

I have several children.

I love to paint but rarely do it.

I love to bake and do that more often than I should.

I like the rain when the air is warm.

I hate wearing shoes but love my heels, platforms, and wedges.

I adore my husband.

I LOVE sunshine.

I would sleep in some days if my family life would permit it.

I like to exercise.

I thrive on progress.

I love to study, write, and discuss myriad topics.

I believe in God as a loving, caring, forgiving Being who is in the details of our lives.

I’m learning to like myself.

I’m trying to be happy where I am.

I have lots of love for others.

I like to help people.

I believe that I can see my family forever, even after death, in another more peaceful existence.


Third Time’s the Charm

So, I don’t often work much with clichés or colloquialisms.  In my writing classes in college, we were taught to avoid those types of fall-back phrases in order to explore new ideas and more creative ways to express our thoughts.  In the following cases, though, I have found the phrase “third time’s the charm” to be appropriate. 🙂

First Case in Point:  Dentists

Since our last relocation effort, I have neglected finding a new dentist for my family.  We had insurance issues…and distance issues…and personality issues.  We visited one for a dental emergency that wasn’t the best fit.  We visited another for a cleaning and an attempt to do some work, which also wasn’t the best fit.  Finally, we found a good fit yesterday.  And my child (who had experienced a traumatic dental experience) practically skipped home (figuratively, of course, since we drove), and I have been relieved that all went well.  Third dentist worked!!!!!  Hooray!!!!!

Case the Second:  Boots

Back in this post, I talked about my excitement related to FINALLY ordering brown boots…and how I sent them back.  Well, I ordered another pair of (unmentioned) boots in the meantime, and they were also a no-go.  I was getting a bit frustrated…but, fear not!  The third pair I ordered worked out beautifully!  I wanted heels (not riding boots) in a dark brown color with a more fitted shaft…and not too trendy so they last through several seasons.  I found a pair online that said they were over-the-knee (so I was a little concerned, since I wanted the boots to come just under my knee)…but I guess my legs are long enough that they fit exactly like I wanted them to fit!  Hooray!!!!! No more brown boot shopping for me!  Third pair worked!!!!! (Now, if I can just figure out how to treat suede so that they will be water-resistant…any one?  Any one?)

So, a song from my days of listening to and loving Schoolhouse Rock is playing in my head right now; I guess three really is a magic number.  Do you agree?  What experiences do you have when the third experience worked for you?

Sending hugs!!!!!

these boots are made for walking

***DISCLAIMER:  This post is filled with fragments.  If you have edit-while-you-read tendencies (like I do), you may want to forego this post.  :REMIALCSID***

I bought boots.  Well, I actually ordered them.  Online.  And I looked at all the photos.  And I read all the reviews (which were incredibly positive).  And, like a nesting mother waiting for her expectant arrival, I cleaned the house.  From top to bottom (except the kiddos’ rooms).  Like, I even vacuumed the stairs.  And mopped.  And wiped walls.  And guess what was on my doorstep?  A beautiful box from Amazon!  Hooray!!!!

With sweet anticipation, I sliced the tape and removed the gorgeous large box from its outer wrapping….

Wait, I need to back up a little.  I grew up in a warm climate.  A very warm climate.  And humid.  Very humid.  A few years ago, I relocated to another place (which, for all intents and purposes could have been virtually anywhere) which had seasons…you know, those things we learned about in school…and that James Taylor song?  Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall?  Well, I could handle the Spring-Summer-Fall part…but this Winter thing was a bit unconventional…layers of clothes, and coats, and snow clothes for kiddos, and boots…really, boots?  Isn’t that what people wear on ranches?

I didn’t get too far into winter (or maybe even late fall) before I realized that boots were a necessity…snow boots, dress boots, everyday boots. I began shopping and thrifting around, seeking something fun and functional for this new season of my life.  I found and purchased some black boots at a store and wore them around, but they weren’t my favorite.  Then, I happened upon my favorite black boots ever–at a local thrift store.  I think I paid $8 for them.  And they rock. 🙂

I didn’t have nearly that luck with brown boots.  If you’ve seen my photos, you can see my brown hair, and I happen to wear quite a bit of brown because of it.  Well, I have been on the hunt for amazing brown boots since I found my favorite black boots…& they have eluded me.  😦  I still look in stores, thrift stores, and even have resorted to shoe shopping online (this was my first experience) in hopes to find that brown boot that suits my fancy.

…Okay, enter brown box on doorstep, ripped tape, new boot box…I carefully lifted the lid and the breath which entered my mouth with such force was unfortunately not one of gleeful excitement.  The calves were quite wide (which had been a consideration, but had not been noted in any of the reviews).  Still, I thought (hopefully) that I might just be judging too quickly, so I unpacked the packing, covered my bare foot in a thin sock, and slid toes, arch, and heel into dark brown leather.  I zipped the back zipper and stood up to find that the calf was indeed too wide for my leg.  Feeling deflated, I removed the boot, replaced the packaging, and placed the boot box back into its brown box.  So much for “brown paper packages tied up in string.”  These boots are not one of my favorite things.  😦

And I love shoes.  Take a peek at this photo…I didn’t even wear these shoes for the shoot, but I LOVED them and wanted a pic with the shoes!

Copyright Sarah Knight Photography

I’m totally open to boot suggestions, though!!! Feel free to link favorites! 🙂