Another poem…


I can’t remember which toothbrush is mine
So I grab one from the drawer, one I think is mine, and start to scrub.
I’m calling your number as the bristles scour off layers of plaque and the Caesar salad dressing
from lunch while I waited for you at the table
And the bristles tug at the sugar swirls from the Skittles
I had in the car on the way home from oblivion
And I finally feel a click and I expect to hear your voice again but it’s not you…only a computerized invitation and I’m waiting through the words to leave a message at the tone for

But your voicemail is full.

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Allowing Happiness

One of my writing habits (I would say “quirks,” but I imagine that I am not alone in this practice) is having something to grab and snack on while I write.  I know I need my blood sugar up in order to function…so I am typically snacking on something sugary but will occasionally go healthy with something like fruit or salty with chips/pretzels/crackers, etc.

Well, a few weeks ago, my preschooler approached me, seeking the Skittles that sometimes (often) sit beside me while I am writing.  I only buy the bulk-sized bags.  Like super-big.  The largest ones I can find.  And, I do share.

So, I had my big bag here beside me…and I pulled out a handful every now and then to put on the counter, then grabbed one or two at a time and popped them into my mouth. Well, my preschooler came up beside me, grabbed a purple (which he knows is my favorite color) with his pincer grasp, and turned to me with the words, “Open your mouth.”

He rarely tries to feed me, so his words and actions brought a smile to my face…which made my day a little bit lighter.  He popped it into my mouth, and I chewed it while retaining my smile.  🙂

I’m amazed at the intuitive nature of the beings around us and of the way they can bring happiness to us if we will but allow that feeling to flow into our hearts.

Well, I’m signing off for the weekend and hope that you…and I…will have a lovely (lighter) feeling…and days full of peace and hope for the future.

These are a few of my favorite things…

Since we are beginning in the middle of my story, and most likely in the middle of yours, I thought I would take a moment to share with you some of my favorite things…you know, the ones I think of (or sing about) “when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad…” (which is usually the “feeling sad” moments, since I’ve never been bitten by a dog–knock on wood–or stung by a bee).

So, here goes (and, I own none of these images or rights to music, just FYI): (and other baking blogs…but this one I go to most…I have not made anything from her site I didn’t like…and it’s family-friendly!)

The Piano Guys (Have you heard of them? Here is one of my fav arrangements by those fun and funky guys!)

Anything that makes me feel pretty, happy, or dance!

Ma famille,


Platform pumps like these (available here)–even though I stand well over six feet in them…they are oh-so-fun!!!!! I think I may need a pink pair….

Bumper Skyla-01 Velvet Studded Open Toe Platform Pump

Learning to do new things (like I have learned to make jewelry, bake bread and really yummy cookies among other things, run, quilt, cook in various styles in the past few years),

(the Nestle Toll House recipe is my personal fav and go-to…it’s actually memorized…) 🙂

Candles that smell yummy, fruity, and give off gorgeous light!

Well, those are a few for now…!

My taste in music and food is pretty eclectic…please feel free to let me in on a few of your favorite things!

Till next time,