A Social (Media) Experiment

I have been absent from social media during the last two weeks. Did you miss me? My guess is that you didn’t even notice.

Guess what? I did. I really noticed. 🙂

Day one: Day of preparation and determination. In order to better achieve my goal, I moved my apps around on my phone so I couldn’t easily check them with my habitual finger swipe. Did that help? YES! But, I surprised myself by noticing how  immediately (and without thinking) I closed my email (which I check periodically throughout the day for professional purposes) and swiped over to hit the icon (which was now not easily visible–thank goodness).

Day two: Still swiping. Thinking of short quips and posts to share on social media. Wondering if anyone missed me. (They didn’t.)

Day three: Less swiping. More peace. Calmer thoughts.

Day four: Various social media services begin to bombard me with emails wooing me to check my notifications.Wondering if I need social media.

Day seven: Wondering again if I need social media. The people I really need to contact (and who need to contact me) can (and do) text. Or email. And I still check email.

Day ten: Find that the relationships that matter most to me are benefitting from this break.

Day eleven: Achieving deeper focus on the novel I’m writing. Hit a powerful emotional core. Realize that I don’t need it. Not really.

Day twelve: Wondering if I can streamline email so I check less periodically and focus on my goals instead of inconsequential information (and lots of it).

Day fifteen: Blogging about how I might not need social media after all. My life is really full without the pressure of posting, liking, loving, and checking in so often. My heart is peaceful.

Not sure where to go from here, but I’m grateful to know that I can (and DID) take a full-fledged break. And I’m grateful for the clarity that I have all that I need. My marriage and family are happier. I am less distracted. I can see better what really matters. And I am happier.

Leaving you with a Monday song from Hamilton: “Take a Break” (might have some language)

xoxo, Karin 🙂