Spoken Word Poetry

Ever since a thoughtful friend shared Sarah Kay’s TED talk with me years ago, I have been enamored of her work. She recently shared a poem from her new book, and I wanted to share it with you, my dear blog readers. xoxoxo

Happy National Poetry Month

Honestly, I’ve been ready for April since the beginning of March (though March was a fabulous month by itself)…I’ve been anxious for warmer temps, Spring Break, a certain little guy’s birthday, and National Poetry Month!!!! (For some NPM FAQs, click here.)

Hooray for APRIL!!!

If you celebrate April Fool’s Day, I wish you well in that endeavor also. 🙂

 April Fool’s Day 2014 Clipart Photos and Images

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This month on the blog, I am planning to share some blast from the past poetry by yours truly (I haven’t written poetry in what feels like ages since I’ve gotten really serious about fiction writing) along with some of my fav poems or info on poets I enjoy reading.

And, I’m looking forward to some Spoken Word (or Performance) Poetry, as well (Sarah Kay, anyone?)…so, Happy National Poetry Month!!!! I hope you will help me celebrate April in some way. 🙂 Do you have favorite poets? Have you been to a poetry reading or slam? Do you love poetry like I do?


I’ve often been a fan of spoken word poetry, and when I saw this poem from Shane Koyczan posted by a friend on Facebook this morning, I knew I needed to share it in every venue that I could.

Speaking as someone who has been through various forms of bullying (it is one of my greatest fears for my children) and suffering silently for many years, I know that words (for good or ill) have great power. And, for some reason, sometimes the words used for ill sink deeper into our souls and fester like thorns we wonder if we will ever be able to remove.

Most days, I try to ignore those feelings–but they are there, nonetheless.

I encourage you to share this message if you feel so inclined, and to use your words and actions for good…to uplift…to inspire…and to empower.

Hugs to you. May the arms of love surround you in whatever space you may be at this moment in time.

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