Exercise, Anyone?

Here are some exercise videos to lighten your quest for fitness:

P90X – Studio C

Don’t Be That Awkward Runner – Don’t be that guy

Worst Trainer Ever – Studio C

Now you can go and get your work out on–just not like these people!!!! 🙂

I Love to Laugh!

My kiddos are enamored as of late with a fun group of sketch comedy called Studio C. The actors recently began their third season on BYU Television…and I thought I would post a few sketches that are my favorites (or some family favorites). It’s a little like SNL–but more family friendly–and without the weekly guests. Enjoy!

(And, remember that laughter is healing, healthy, and promotes happiness!!!!) Hugs!!!

Spelling Bee–getting butterflies with your own grade-school flashbacks yet?

Poker Face–not Lady Gaga’s version

Last Will & Testament–one of my personal favs

Lobster Bisque–in case you’re hungry