Failure…& What Follows

Did you get one of these for Christmas?
Official Rainbow Loom Starter Kit Set MEGA Hot!  Guaranteed 100% Authentic!

Well, I didn’t either. But one of my kiddos did. And, a few nights ago, I was schooling myself on YouTube trying to figure out how to create a “starburst” pattern on the loom.

I tried and looped and grabbed and crossed each band according to what I thought was the right way.

Guess what? When the time came to peel the woven bands from their temporary loom home, we only had two of the six starburst shapes that were even somewhat in tact.


I failed at doing it.

Still, I searched over YouTube once again in hope of helping my child. We located a different video…one that was a bit longer, and created the second time what we thought we created the first.

This time, I was prepared for disaster. My daughter offered an audible prayer as I began to remove the twisted-band creation.

Fortunately, this one worked beautifully. And I thought how, on this first day of 2014, I was given a gift–the gift to know that I will fail.

All of us will. You know that list of goals or resolutions you made just a few days ago? Well, review them often. Try. Accomplish. Try. Fail. Try again. Learn and move on…and become better. Become better at life and living and loving and going and doing. Improve on the glorious you that you are already.

You can do it. And I can, too.

By failing at the beautiful rainbow loom bracelet, I was able to work more particularly the second time. My second attempt was nearly perfect. (My third one was a bust, again, though…while the fourth one was amazing.) But, I kept going…and working…and trying…and doing.

So, allow yourself to live and fail and succeed. You will find happiness in the long run for simply trying…and you might just pick up a few skills along the way (like Rainbow Loom bracelet creating). I know I did.  🙂