It’s the Hard Knock Life

I always thought the song was called, “It’s a Hard Knock Life.” Google it. I promise–it’s “the”–not “a.”

And, now, just so you can sing along with me:

On a more serious note, I have been in the midst of trauma and turmoil for the last couple of months. While I won’t go into details (we all have our sad, dark, difficult moments), I would like to share with you a small bit of wisdom I have learned.

Life is hard.

Sometimes it’s harder than hard. And sometimes it just plain sucks.

Wait–let me backtrack a bit. I was a teenager once. Were you? Did we know each other? Maybe you will remember as I do that I wasn’t the happiest person. My favorite shirt had Eeyore (from Winnie the Pooh) on the front–you know, the character that is associated with lines like, “Tut, tut. Looks like rain”–that was me.

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I loved the rain. (Isn’t it romantic, and sad?) I loved nothing more than to turn on “Pictures of You” by The Cure or “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. and watch the rain fall.

Then, I grew up a little, got a little less teen angsty, and decided that life was better in the sunshine. I worked hours on retraining the default settings of my brain to reflect on positive aspects of life. I began to count blessings instead of troubles. And I chose happiness.

(That’s probably the hardest part right now. Happiness evades me daily. I want it back, and I’m trying each moment of each day to choose it–but I get tired of walking down the staircase and reliving my baby’s fall, my legs shaking so much on the ambulance drive with him, thinking of myself in the front seat pleading with the driver to tell me about himself as a distraction from my little guy lying on a backboard while three EMTs tended to him, the sleepless days and nights in ICU that followed, and the fear of coming home and seeing it all happen again.)

Trauma is real. And I pray, but it’s still there. I read and study, but the pain aches in my chest, my head, my heart. I smile, and every once in a while, the smile feels sincere.

And even though we’ve had so many gifts and blessings (and he is healing), I pull my knees to my chest and cry–more often than I did as a fifteen-year-old.

And I am grateful. And I am smiling, softly, not with my lips but with my eyes, thinking of each of you–your friendship, support, and love.

And someday, when I tell myself that “everything will be okay,” the phrase will stop feeling like a lie. And everything will be okay (even though life will still be hard).

At least I’m learning, right?

Happily Feeling All Things Friday

And by Friday, I do not mean that ridiculous Rebecca Black song that got like 40 gazillion YouTube hits (okay, I’m exaggerating)…I’m talking about the Friday that begins the weekend!!!!  With the advent of this day, I just wake up happy knowing that tomorrow is mine to build or make or create or sleep or clean or stay in bed or nap or take a day trip adventure with the kiddos and Superman (did I mention that my husband used to be mistaken for Clark Kent?).  Well, on this lovely Friday, I have already gotten several kiddos off to school, eaten breakfast, exercised, showered, and drawn numerous pictures of Batman, the bat light (whatever it’s called…that light with the bat symbol that is used to notify Batman of his need to come to the rescue), and the Batmobile (which is sometimes called the “Bat car” by my little guy, since when he says “Batmobile,” it sounds like something totally different…more like “BatmanBill” and I don’t know how to draw that…whatever it is). 🙂  This is the version of the Batmobile we drew today:

From where does all this newfound energy come? (Oh, I forgot to add that I’m in the middle of painting my toes and have also decided on my ensemble for tonight’s hot date with Mr. Right. If you read yesterday’s post, I think we’ve broken down the wall and mended the rift…& we are going to dinner tonight to enjoy some local food flavors and adult conversation.)  I have no idea…but today is FRIDAY, and I am filled with hope for the weekend, connection with family and friends, and feeling oh-so-happy!  🙂

How are you?