Candy Everybody Wants

Dreams are strange, right? Do you have crazy dreams? Some nights I do…like the other night when I dreamed my husband and I were going to see a 10,000 Maniacs concert–you know, back in the day when Natalie Merchant was singing? I was really excited, mainly because I love their Our Time In Eden release. It’s one of my favorite albums of all time. I love all the Biblical allusions (in fact, I wrote several papers on Biblical allusions in popular music during my critical writing career).

As we sat in the seats in the theater, people began handing us costumes to put on over our clothing and ushered us to the stage to perform.


I showed up to enjoy a concert. Where is Natalie Merchant? I was already happily singing away to this:

and looking forward to hearing this:

Wasn’t gonna happen.

We followed the directions of an older actress with dark hair and distinct features. We went up on stage, where we improvised the best we could to what must have been an empty theater. Only the director and the lighting supervisor were in the back up in that little box where they always sit (I’m sure there is some theater word for it I should know…).

I was grateful to wake up…and to move on from the craziness…while part of me longed for the adventure of performing and being a part of a production.

(What do you think it means?)

Guess I’ll just turn on some 10,000 Maniacs and see what adventures are about to happen….



A while ago, I was speaking to a woman of great influence in my life.  During the brief conversation, she asked me if I would be willing to write a letter of gratitude.

Sure, I thought.  How hard could that be?  I am blessed by many people who perform kind and generous acts toward my family and toward me personally.  I could just pick one individual and write the letter.  Actually, the most difficult part might be to find some stationary…(and don’t get me started on the lost art of writing letters…that post will have to wait for another day).

Then, she finished her thought (yes, I do sometimes interrupt conversation with my own thoughts) by saying, “to yourself.”


A letter of gratitude…to myself?  Really?  What could I possibly thank myself for doing?  Keeping my cool when my kiddo punched me unintentionally the other day?  Cooking dinner?  Nah.  That’s just stuff that goes along with life, right?

Well, I let the thought sit in my brain for a while (haunt my brain, infect my mind, are you getting the picture?).  I didn’t know what I would write–and I had no stationary to speak of, anyway–but while I was writing in my journal a few days later, I decided that maybe I could do some “pre-writing” exercises for this letter…like, I could probably manage a few things I was thankful to myself for…maybe in bulleted form.  Sure.  I could start there.  At first, the bullets came slowly…but as I continued to think of positive aspects of my personality, talents I have worked to develop, and acts of kindness I perform, my list began to flow.


Along with a few other changes I’ve been making in my life related to positivity, exercise, outlook, and cultivating hope, I will say that writing a “letter” (list) of thanks to myself has allowed me a shift in perspective.  I am excited for the opportunity to look with gratitude toward the activities I accomplish and the work I am doing…and to recognize these aspects of my existence with thanks.

So, will you write a letter of gratitude to yourself? Will the task be an easy or challenging one for you? As I’m writing this, I’m wondering if I might extend this invitation to my family and see how they react to the assignment.

And, because you may find yourself in need of some musical inspiration, here’s Natalie Merchant with a couple of amazing songs this fine Friday! (Two versions of her “Kind and Generous” and one “These Are Days” with 10,000 Maniacs–enjoy!) 🙂